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Digital painting, unframed. Size 16”x24”

Toastface Killah

First sighting of Toastface was way back when I got a dodgy loaf of sliced bread from Sainsbury’s which had an air-bubble the size of another loaf. Each toast therefore looked like a cross-section of some raver’s brain and all my delicious egg mayo fell through the hole onto the plate. The only thing left to do was obviously strap the toast to my face and use it for the purpose it was obviously meant for – a mask. Photoshoots followed, then book signings, finally TFK has been immortalised in the shape of an illustration. Here is a little snippet of my drawing process.

You dig?! It only took my 5 years to realise that Quicktime does screen recording out-of-the-box! So many hours of drawing… wasted… completely! Anyways, I will now try and post at least a little video with each one of my drawings/paintings/shits.

So long!